Sunday, June 6

Cleaning up my closet

hello bloggers!

the last few days i’ve been cleaning/organising my crafty space... time consuming, but a very pleasant process... i still have a few boxes to go, but when i’m finally done i’ll post some pictures of my personal heaven on earth!

i just wanted to share my ‘vintage’ findings with you (not that they are really vintage, but i bought them such a long time ago).

1. fiskars shape templates – great for cards, small projects or even 30 x 30 pages. they’ve been really useful to me through the years.

2. bazzill Basics - "in stich'z collection" - stitching templates – great addition to every project!! easy to use with a broad range of beautiful designs.

3. ek success - fastenater decorative staple bars – they are perfect when it comes to attaching papers together, use as extra embellishments or even just to have them.

i hope that you’ll share with me what your long forgotten, but still treasured, findings are!!

have a nice weekend!!!
hugs 'n smiles,


Darien said...

I have those Stitching Templates!!! I love them!! I think i only used them once, Thanks to you I think im gonna be using them soon!!!
Have a great week!!!

Emmy said...

They are wonderful indeed;-) I also found them recently in my scrapbook stuff and I'm very glad I did;-)
Can't wait for your stitched creation;-)