Friday, August 6

a lucky lucky week!!!

hello lovely friends:-)

it's been a lucky week for me! i won many unexpected prises and i'm very very veeery happy!!!

1. 1he first prise i won was a free day at the spa from karaci tours - the company we went to ISTANBUL with. we spent 3 amazing days in this marvelous city, but it was definitely not enough. there is so much to do and so many things to see. the history of the world in one city!! pictures are following shortly:-) 

at the end of the trip there was a lottery. the guide asked my little ELISE to help announce the winners and she drew my name:-) so, I'm going to get spoiled and have a wonderful day at the spa!

2. my second prise came from dvete elshi - my favourite bulgarian scrapbook store! i got the wonderful laurence llewelyn - bowen DVD - "crafting at home with" from their monthly lottery. may be because i'm a very loyal customer;-)

thank you rali and em!! i really enjoyed watching it!!

3. my third and final prise this week came from LEGO - no need for introduction here:-) we were chosen (me and my family) to be a part of the test group for the new LEGO minotaurus board game!!!  WOW!!! my daughter and hubby can't wait to get their hands on the box:-)

well, that was all for this week:-) i'm off to antalya, turkey for a 5* holiday next week, but I'll keep you posted;-)

hugs 'n smiles,


Irena said...

Честито, браво на теб, късметлийка.

Cindy Gay said...

The lego game is the best! Too cool!