Tuesday, September 7

LEGO minotaurus game (3841)

hello bloggers!

we (me, hubby and Elise) love Lego and we play board games regularly. so naturally, when our box with MINOTAURUS came in, we had no other option but to try it out... immediately!:-)

the first thing that caught our attention was the buildable LEGO dice and changeable rules! you have to put the game together and then you can play it, which is absolutely brilliant and loads of fun.

the goal is to get your LEGO hero to the center of the board first. but there are hedges and walls making a maze that you have to wade through. you roll the die and go that amount of spaces. if the die lands on black, then you can move the minotaur 8 spaces, hopefully taking out one of your opponents and sending him back to start. if the die lands on grey, then you move a grey wall brick - you can block your opponents' path, or keep the minotaur from reaching you, etc.

the basic game has you win when you have one hero reach the center, but it's actually way more fun when you require all three heros to be there. then you have time to really mess up people's pathways and get the minotaur action going. there is also a variation with the addition of a green die option, which enables your hero to jump over a hedge.

the game is fantastic and we had great time playing it! it is "must-have" from the new LEGO sets.

if you want to find out about another FABULOUS game from LEGO, read my latest post about SHAVE THE SHEEP.

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