Friday, October 28

how to create a journalling tag from a pattern paper

hello, scrappy friends!

did you ever had the feeling that you can't find the right journalling tag for your projects? did you ever searched and searched for the right colour label and nothing seemed good enough? well, i did... one time too many...

but last week, when i was preparing my latest layout "LOOK-ALIKE", it hit me - i can use any paper from my stash to create the PERFECT journalling tag! no matter if it is a dark paper, a pattern paper or a script paper - it's just a matter of using your eraser long enough to create the IDEAL label. and the best part is that your tailor-made tag will always have the right colour, exactly the shape you need and you won't worry anymore if you have the complete collection in the middle of your creativity process!

see below how i created my journalling tag in just 3 simple steps:

1. start erasing the ink from the pattern paper of your choice, until your spot is light enough to write on it.

2. stamp, draw or sketch the outlines of your label

3. cut out the ready label

ta-da! your hand-made journalling tag is finished and you can add it to any project you like!

i hope this tut was useful and i can't wait to see your creations!
have a WONDERFUL weekend!

hugs 'n smiles,

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Daniele said...

great tut, and such a good idea