Wednesday, May 25

double ribbon flower tutorial

hello bloggers,

today i want to share with you an easy and fun way to create a ribbon flower for 5 minutes:-)

all you need is a piece of paper, double sided tape, some ribbon and a pair of scissors:

first, you cut a square from you paper and you taped it with the double sided tape:

then you take you ribbon and attach the two colours together:

press one end to the paper square, start twisting the ribbon and gluing it down to the paper:

work from the centre of the square, out:

until you reach the size you desire:

then trim the edges of the paper and you will get your double ribbon flower looking like this:

it is really a very simple and fun technique, and the possibilities are endless!

i used my flower on my latest project - in the park:

i added a button in the middle and stitched some rays to make it look more like a sun.

i hope you enjoyed my easy-flower tutorial and thank you for visiting my blog!

hugs 'n smiles,


busymartha said...

Thanks for sharing, I can see the endless possibilities!

AngelaR said...

What cute flowers and that LO is beautiful!!!

Renee VanEpps said...

I love this! I have so much ribbon that I never use, will definitely try to do this technique, thanks so much for sharing it with us :)