Thursday, June 14

INORI final sale

good morning lovely friends!

an year ago the amazing tomoko takahashi started an amazing initiative, called INORI. she asked crafters from all over the word if we would like to donate some of our hand-made creations. then she would sale them online and the money will go to the japan red cross. this fund raising was meant to help people who were effected  by the earthquake in tohoku, japan. a very noble cause, which i could not pass!

in the last year, tomoko had regular sales at her online community. and today the final sale begins {i've sent hand-made cards for it}:

you can find more details about this cause and the final sale on TOMOKO's blog

it amazing to see that even with our hobby we can still make a difference in the world!

i'm glad that i could be a part of such an inspiring project!

hugs 'n smiles,

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