Tuesday, June 26

on a personal note...

hello lovely friends!

today my post is not about my crafty creations, it's about ME.

you see, when i read the blogs of fellow crafters, i often wonder about how do they live, what do they do IRL... i see the fabulous work they are posting and i read about their latest scrapbooking adventures, but sometimes i'm just curious about what's beyond their traditional bio, posted on their profile...

so, to break the ice, here is a little bit about me and my personal paradise on earth.

i live in the center of a picturesque little town in the NETHERLANDS - 


i'm and i'll always be a city girl. i cannot imagine living away from the civilization. 

i grew up in SOFIA, the capital city of BULGARIA and i'll always miss the noise and busyness of the big city.

my husband {who i love wholeheartedly} and i met in SOFIA. but since he comes from the NETHERLANDS, eventually we moved here. together we have two little munchkins - ELISE - our 9 years old princess and THEO - 2 years old naughty monster. 

we also have two siamese cats - SPASKO - 11 years old

and AXL - a 2 months old cutie

we all live in a beautiful house from 16th century, which my hubby rebuild himself {if my hobby is scrapbooking, his is renovating} and he is much better in it, than i am in scrapping:-) 

some personal notes about me - i'm a coffee person - can't get through a day with less than 5 cups of coffee; i {LOVE} chocolate and i would never drink PEPSI. i'm addicted to books and to GILMORE GIRLS.

we love to travel! any minute we have free, we go to some new exotic place somewhere in the world. 
recently we discovered the wonder of cruising and this is our favourite way of travelling now! it's amazing how you go to bed in ITALY and you wake up in ISRAEL. the world looks much smaller these days...

this is just a tiny bit about me for the time being, but in the future i will be sharing more.

thank you for stopping by!

and i hope to learn some more about you!

hugs 'n smiles,


Cindy Gay said...

What a beautiful place you live! Pretty kitties too!

Cathy Sanders said...

What a great way to get to know you more... and don't shoot yourself down... your scrapping style is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Candy said...

Loved getting to know more about you!

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