Monday, March 18

how to alter your stamps {tutorial}

hello scrappy friends! 

last week it was my turn to write a tutorial for the PAPERHAUS magazine and here is what i came up with.

there are so many products i love to use, while crafting, but if i have to choose one favourite, i'll definitely say STAMPS. 

i just love stamping! 
you can personalize almost everything with a nice stamp and enough ink! 

but have you ever wished that your stamp was a bit bigger or a bit smaller?iI did! in fact i did so many times with so many different stamps, that it got me thinking – is there anything i can do?... and the answer is YES, there is! 

so, here is how you can alter your stamped image in 4 easy steps: 

step 1: stamp your favourite image on a piece of white {or any other light colour} cardstock. scan it and save it as .jpg or .png image on your computer. then open it in any image editing program you are comfortable with and begin adjusting. 

for today’s tutorial i decided to use one of the newest PRIMA marketing mixed media doll stamps. i enlarged my stamped image with 20% and printed it on a white piece of paper. 

 step 2: cut out the different parts. 

 step 3: glue the different parts to patter paper of your choice. at this step, you can also change the direction of your stamp by gluing the printed image with its print up or down to the pattern paper. 

step 4: begin assembling your paper doll. first, i begun by inking the edges of the different doll parts – like this i recreated the stamp on the pattern paper. then i coloured the hair, added pattern to the dress using embossing powder, attached the lace and glued the different parts together. 
the result is a slightly bigger paper doll, fully coloured and embellished, which fits my design better and it is really fun to create. 

to add extra dimension to my doll, i cut out the different parts of the skirt and added 3d adhesive tape under every second one. 

 i hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial! 

come back tomorrow to see how i used my paper doll on a layout.

hugs ‘n smiles, 


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What a clever idea.

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