Monday, April 2

sweet rose tutorial with posy patch set from heartfelt creations

hello crafty friends!

i've finally learned myself how to create beautiful paper roses and i thought i should share my insight with you!

all you need is paper {any type and colour you desire}; HCPC 3303 posy patch flowers precut set, HCD 701 posy patch die and glue.

step 1: using the HC posy patch flower precut set stamp few posies on creme cardstock

step 2: cut the posies out by hand or using HC posy patch die and a die cutting machine

step 3: make a cut in-between the petals on the 4-petal blooms, somewhere to the middle; cut 1 of the petals from the 3-petal bloom and 2 petals from the 2-petal bloom.

 step 4: glue the petals next to the cuts, by overlapping them to create a cone; allow the glue to dry

step 5: curl the edges of the single petal inwards; the 2-petal bloom - curl the right petal inwards and the left petal backwards. wrap the left petal around the right petal and glue them together.

step 6: after the glue dried, cut a small opening at the bottom of the 4, 3 and 2-petal blooms. this will help to nest the pieces together.

step 7: before gluing your rose together, curl all the petals backwards, using the handle of a small paint brush; add glue inside every cone and begin building your rose from the single petal to the 4-petal bloom.

step 8: when you are done, your rose should look like this; shape the petals by hand, if needed, and colour it with glimmer mist or any other colouring agent that you like to use.

the final result:

as you can see i used different sized roses, which are easy to create, considering that the HC posy patch precut set consist 5 different size posies.

thanks for stopping by and i hope you enjoyed my little tutorial! come back on wednesday to see how i used them on my layout!

and if you want to try these out, i would love to see the result!

hugs 'n smiles,

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Kavitha Vadhri said...

wonderful rose,definitely try it. stamping and making rose is clever idea