Thursday, October 31

5th annual CHRISTMAS LOVE campaign

hello scrappy friends!

as many of you know the 5th CHRISTMAS LOVE campaign, organised by the very talented SUSAN K. WECKESSER, starts tomorrow! 

the FIFTH one! WOW! we are all so SUPER excited! 

you can find more information about the CHRISTMAS LOVE campaign - how it all started and what it is about HERE

'Simple Acts of Creative Kindness is an AWESOME TOOL!' 

 this is the 5th annual CHRISTMAS LOVE campaign

when: november 1,2013 - january 7,2014 

the mission: create something (anything crafty),cards, sewing, editable art, beads, you name it, and then give it to someone. ANYONE....even a TOTAL STRANGER! 

instructions on HOW to enter: TAKE a picture of what you have created. GO over to the CHRISTMAS LOVE CAMPAIGN Facebook page. upload your picture. SHARE your christmas love story. invite a friend to join in and grab a CHRISTMAS LOVE campaign blinkie. your name will then be entered into win one of several random draws that will be happening during the duration of the christmas love campaign.

if you have problems and questions, please email 

there will be themed contests & dates announced every week, so be sure to always check. you can find out more information at 

  we have a lot of fun things planned including HAND MADE christmas event where susan k. weckesser inc. has partnered up with some amazing companies in order to show you some amazing and quick CHRISTMAS gifts, cards, and other things that you can make and give to someone to #CRAFTUPLOVE.

we also have some amazing designers invited to come, visit and be a part of our designer talk which is always a lot of fun! 

and we will be having a lot of contest and prize give always! 

once again we have some AMAZING sponsors that are helping to make this event AWESOME!!! you can see all of the sponsors HERE

grab a blinkie and join us! 

 SO, let’s see how many people that we can make smile this year and how many people can we make have a better and brighter day? 

let pick up are glitter, ink, glue, paper, flowers, yarn and anything else and create someone a smile! 

please follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and use the hashtags: #craftuplove & #christmaslovecampaign . 

thank you for all your support and here’s to another fantastic year of showing the world that we care!

hugs 'n smiles,

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